State tests of T-50 aircraft to be completed in 2016

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State tests of the new T-50 aircraft will be completed in 2016, commander of the Aerospace Forces, Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev told reporters.

According to him, “a lineup of the Air Force was presented at the MAKS, and “Roskosmos” has unveiled its space lineup. Of course, we are proud that there are new T-50 aircraft, which showed almost 60 percent of its capacity. Its state tests will be completed next year”, – he said, adding that “there was presented the wonderful MI-38 helicopter which will soon go into batch production”. “We have something to show and have something to be proud of,” – said the commander.


Newest Russian Navy patrol ship carried out shootings in Baltic Sea

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The crew of the newest Navy Russian patrol ship carried out missile and artillery firings in the Baltic Sea during the tests, reported the Western military district on the Baltic Fleet.

“The crew of the newest patrol ship of project 11356 “Admiral Grigorovich” has successfully completed anti-aircraft missile and artillery firings during factory tests in marine landfills of the Baltic Fleet,” – a statement said.

It is noted that the shootings were carried out from the multichannel ship-based antiaircraft missile complex with vertical launch “Shtil” on targets simulating air attack means of the imaginary enemy.

Defense Ministry: UAVs started planned night flights in Chukotka

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Unmanned aerial vehicles from the Elizovo airbase of the Kamchatka grouping started performing scheduled night flights, head of the information support department of the Eastern Military District press service Roman Martov said on Monday.

“Combat drones are now used not only in the daytime, but at night to monitor the coastal Pacific territory, continental zone, polygons of combat training of the fleet,” – said Martov.

He noted that the “Orlan-10″drones used at the Elizovo air base, may be in flight for up to 18 hours and send a steady signal from a height of 5,000 meters.

Spetsstroy completes construction of combat training center in Mulino


Spetsstroy is completing the construction of the combat training center for ground troops in the village of Mulino located in the Nizhny Novgorod region, the works involved over 100 vehicles and 350 experts, the press service of the organization said on Wednesday.

The center in Mulino is a large-scale project of the Defense Ministry, designed to radically change the training of servicemen of the Russian army. It is planned to train up to 30 thousand servicemen annually using the curriculum of computer technologies and advanced simulators that allow to build three-dimensional spatial models and almost any tactical situation on the battlefield.

Military firings of Far Eastern “Tor M2U” units to be held in June

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The servicemen of air defense units located in the Primorsk Territory started practical use of new “Tor M2U” anti-aircraft missile systems, the first firings will be held at the end of the month, chief of the press service of the Eastern Military District, Colonel Alexander Gordeev, told reporters on Friday.

“The personnel of the “Tor M2U” units will learn to load launchers, search and detect air targets. The first live firings of the Far Eastern “Thor” anti-aircraft missile systems will be held at the site of the training center of air defense forces “Kapustin Yar” (Astrakhan region) in late June,” – he said.

Video of tests of Russian “Uran” military robots appeared on web

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A video of tests of the Russian military robots “Uran” has been posted online. The tests were held on Thursday near Novorossiysk.

“During the tests at the Rayevski range, tasks of engineering reconnaissance as well as hitting targets at a maximum distance from a variety of weapons systems: machine guns and automatic guns, – have been worked out,” – said a source in the military-industrial complex.

Latest intelligence systems are used in Eastern military district competition

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Latest stations of ground reconnaissance “PSNR-8M”, which entered into service of the Eastern Military District, were for the first time used in the competition of professional skills among reconnaissance units of the district, EMD reports.

“During the competition, servicemen of intelligence units of motorized brigades of the Eastern Military District using the “PSNR-8M” intelligence complex demonstrated their skills to detect and coordinate air and ground targets, including moving ones, at day and night,” – a statement said.

Winners of the army stage of the competition will take part in the district phase this June.

Tests of new “Rubezh” ballistic missile were successful

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Russia’s Defense Ministry considers the results of tests of the modern SS-26 “Rubezh” intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) to be successful, the servicemen are ready to take it into service in the near future and to begin deployment in 2016, the Defense Ministry reported.

The missile was launched on March 18 from the “Kapustin Yar” landfill in the Astrakhan region at the “Sary-Shagan” range in Kazakhstan.

“The launch was performed in a completely normal mode, the missile struck the conditional goal with a given accuracy. The reliability of systems and components of the item was confirmed by telemetry we received,” – a source said.

Russian Air Forces in training with strategic missile carriers

4A military air facility Enghels in the Saratov region witnessed flights of the Tu-160 and Tu-95MC crews. under the command of the supreme Bondarev.

Chief staff of the Russian Air Forces executed flights on a dozen of planes.

Colonel Klimov explains that the crews trained the most difficult elements of aircraft flying, like takeoff and landing in difficult weather, air refueling, and destruction of land targets.

Previously minister Shoigu announced that patrol training flights of the long-range aviation would also continue over different regions, Arctic included.

Combat launches of “Iskander” to be held in Eastern Military District

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The servicemen of the Russian Eastern Military District will hold combat launches using the “Iskander-M” missile systems during the exercises, the EMD press service told reporters on Tuesday.

The “Iskander-M” is an operational-tactical missile system designed to hit small and area targets at ranges of up to 500 kilometers – missiles, multiple launch rocket systems, long-range artillery, aircraft and helicopters at airfields, command posts and communications centers.

The “Iskander-M” has no analogues in the world as for the level of combat performance.