Russian Navy to receive latest ultrasonic direction filters of “Neman” family


Navy Russia will get side-scan ultrasonic direction filters of family “Neman”, aimed to detect underwater objects, including mines, CEO of “Scientific Research Institute of Instrument named after Tikhomirov” which developed the system, Yuriy Beliy told reporters.
“Several years ago, our developments and interested representatives of the Russian Navy. Now it is all the more important in terms of solving the problems of import substitution. The year before, in Gelendzhik were successfully completed state joint tests side-scan ultrasonic direction filters of family “Neman” with the recommendation of adopting, and today already signed supply contracts with the Russian Navy in the period 2015-2017 years,” Belyi said.


More than 500 Russian military began preparations for the exercises with Mongolia


Russian-Mongolian military exercises “Selenga” will be the most significant in the Eastern Military District this summer
In the formations and units of the Eastern Military District (EMD) On June 2 begun summer training, in which is planned to more than 40 large-scale exercises, including international ones, the press service of EMD
The most significant of these will be a joint Russian-Mongolian exercises “Selenga-2015” at the ground Tsugol in Trans-Baikal region in which for the first time the stages will be carried out with the joint crossing water obstacles and tactical landings, and bilateral exercises of the army’s and brigade’s level.

Military from China to take part in the competitions of the radiation, chemical and biological protection in the Russian Federation


Teams from China and Belarus will take part in the international competition “Safe Environment”, which will be held in August this year at the landfill Pesochnoe in the Yaroslavl region, the chief of the radiation, chemical and biological protection army Lieutenant-General Edward Cherkasov said.
“In international competitions contestants from Russia and Belarus will perform on machines chemical reconnaissance RHM-4, the team from China will participate in the competition on his technique … Match” Safe Environment “, as well as other competitions of the armed forces (” Aviadarts “” Tank biathlon “”Open Water”) will become a tradition, “- said Cherkasov.

Atomic submarine “Ryazan” on berth


The atomic submarine of the Pacific fleet will be repaired on berth in Bolshoy Kamen.

The submarine is being analyzed and overseen to estimate the volume of works to be done.

For the moment everything is being done in the general schedule.

“Ryazan” is a third generation submarine which makes the bulk of the Pacific fleet. In 2008 it executed the passage from the Northern fleet to the Pacific fleet under the ices of Arctic.

Foreigners to be allowed to test technique of Russia at “Army 2015” forum


Representatives of foreign delegations to the international military-technical forum “Army-2015” will be able to test weapons and military equipment which interested them, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.
First international military-technical forum “Army-2015” will take place on the basis of convention and exhibition center of military-patriotic recreation park of the armed forces of the Russian Federation “Patriot” from June 16 to 19.

Russian Navy unifies coastal and land artillery


The Navy plans to use the Russian coastal artillery systems, similar to the land ones, told reporters Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov said during his visit to the Central Research Institute “Petrel”.
“Today we discussed issues related to the creation of complex onshore / caliber / 152 mm. The technical requirements will issue somewhere in the month of August, to be able to go completely with regard to coastal complexes of the same type with ground forces to meet the challenges of the defeat of the sea, coastal targets and air targets,” Chirkov said.

Russian military should actively participate in the creation of equipment and weapons


The Russian military should actively participate in the creation of equipment and weapons, along with industrialists, said Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov.

“Especially important is the work of innovators in our military institutions, which are designed to assess and carry out military-technical and military leadership of the work carried out by the industry. We should not just be observers, we must actively participate in the process of creating and even during operation suggests implement those or other innovations in order to improve the performance of the equipment, which is we have to supply the troops, “- Borisov said at the All-Army Conference of inventors and innovators of the Armed Forces.

Russian Black Sea Fleet warships in artillery, missile drills


A tactical group of Russian Black Sea warships is holding military exercises targeting decoy “enemy” bombers and ships, Black Sea Fleet information support head Capt. 1st Class Vyacheslav Trukhachyov said Thursday.

“A Bora-class air-cushioned ship, as well as Ivanovets-class cutters and [other auxiliary ships] have conducted marine battles using rockets and live-fire artillery against target positions imitating marine targets,” Capt. 1st Class Trukhachyov told journalists.

He said the crews of the warships would soon hold naval exercises using anti-air defense systems employing target exercises against decoy “enemy” bombers in the region.

Large landing ships Saratov and Alexander Otrakovsky join Russian Navy’s task force in Mediterranean


The Black Sea Fleet’s large landing ships Saratov and Alexander Otrakovsky have reunited with the Russian Navy’s task force in the Mediterranean Sea, a source in the Navy Staff told Interfax-AVN on Tuesday.

“The large landing ship Saratov and the lifting and mooring ship KIL-158 of the Black Sea Fleet passed through Black Sea straits and reached the Mediterranean Sea on Monday,” the source said.

Large landing ships attached to the Russian Navy’s task force permanently deployed in the Mediterranean regularly visit Russian Black Sea ports, including Novorossiysk, for replenishing their reserves.

Black Sea Fleet Commander Admiral Alexander Vitko reported to the president on September 23, 2014, that cargo was being transported by sea from Novorossiysk to Crimea and Syria.

The Saratov made at least four Mediterranean voyages in 2014.

Putin: Russia to expand its presence on arms markets of Asia and Africa


Russia exported more than $15 billion worth of military products to more than 60 foreign countries in 2014. New contracts worth almost $14 billion were signed as well, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a meeting of the Commission for Military and Technological Cooperation with foreign countries on Tuesday.

The president noted that Russia is a reliable and predictable partner on the global armaments market and it does not link fulfillment of its commitments to the current political situation.

According to Vladimir Putin, Russia will be expanding its presence on the markets of arms sales in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

“Today’s new challenges and threats force many countries to change their military doctrines, upgrade their national armed forces,” Putin said at a session of the commission on the military and technical cooperation with foreign countries.

“Russia will be expanding its presence on such perspective markets as the Asian and Pacific region, the African continent, Latin America and the Caribbean Basin,” Putin said.