Strategic Missile Forces to be trained assessing impact of weapons of mass destruction

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The Russian Strategic Missile Forces started teachings using the Unified system for identifying and assessing the extent and effects of weapons of mass destruction, spokesperson of the forces, Colonel Igor Egorov told journalists on Wednesday.

The exercise involves all NBC units without exception (radiation, chemical and biological protection ones).

Tasks suggesting different scenarios of terrorist attacks in the radiologically, chemically and biologically dangerous objects will be worked out during the exercises.


Shoigu: it is necessary to unite efforts of SCO military departments

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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told about the need to consolidate efforts of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization military departments to address regional security problems at a meeting with the deputy chairman of the Central Military Commission of China.

In this context, Sergei Shoigu noted, “the question of consolidating efforts of military departments and creation of new interaction mechanisms is becoming more relevant than ever before.”

He pointed out that combat friendship and mutual aid during the Second World War laid a solid foundation of modern Russian-Chinese relations in the military field.

Ryazan State Instrument-Making Plant presented latest helmet-mounted target designation system and display at the MAKS-2015


During MAKS-2015 Ryazan State Instrument Plant presented latest helmet-mounted target designation system and display that is part of the equipment of the Mi-28nm – of the latest version of attack helicopter Mi-28N “Night Hunter” passing the test.

This was announced by the general director of Ryazan State Instrument Plant Eugeny Barankin.
“At the MAKS-2015 we presented helmet-mounted target designation system and display (NSTSI-B) helicopter application. It is designed to be displayed on the background of the surrounding space required pilot visual information and target aircraft weapons on targets not only straight ahead, but in every area surveyed. The product is part of the avionics of the Mi-28nm,” Barankin said.

Maritime transport of weapons “Academician Kovalev” to begin tests in September


Newest maritime transport weapons “Academician Kovalev” built on a military shipyard “Ship Repair Center “Zvezdochka” in Severodvinsk, will be released into the sea for trials at the end of September for the first time. This was reported by the press service of the plant.
“Academician Kovalev” will be released for the first time at sea on sea trials on approximately the third week of September,” the press service said.
As it was reported earlier by the shipyard, the ship determined deadlines – it should be handed over to the Russian Navy until the end of the year.

Moscow and Astana considering possibility of joint production of radar


Russian group of companies “RTI” is discussing with the defense ministries of Kazakhstan on cooperation in the field of joint production of radar technology for military purposes, Deputy General Director of RTI Svetlana Afanasyeva told RIA Novosti according to the results of the MAKS-2015.
“During MAKS-2015 our stand was visited by Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan Imangali Tasmagambetov. He was very interested in our development. Negotiations were held, during which they discussed issues of cooperation in the field of joint production of radar technology for military purposes,” Afanasieva said.

Russia offered Myanmar radar control system for the 200-mile zone


Russian group of companies “RTI” introduced a senior Defense Department official Myanmar project to create a system for monitoring the 200-mile economic zone on the basis of trans-horizon radar (RLS) during the MAKS-2015, Deputy CEO Svetlana Afanasyeva told RIA Novosti according to the results of MAKS.

RTI is a major Russian industrial holding, the developer, manufacturer of high-tech products and infrastructure solutions using proprietary microelectronic technologies.

“During the MAKS-2015, we have held talks with a senior representative of the Air Force Myanmar. Our experts have submitted proposals to establish a system for monitoring the 200-mile economic zone”, Svetlana Afanasyeva said.

Russian Armed Forces received EW complexes worth billion rubles at MAKS

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Russia’s largest holding company in the electronic industry “Concern Radio-Electronic technologies” (KRET, part of Rostec) handed over electronic warfare systems worth more than 1 billion rubles to the Armed Forces under state procurement at MAKS-2015, the press service of KRET reported.

The troops received the “Rychag-AV”, “Krasuha-2”, “Krasuha-4”, “Rtut-BM” electronic warfare systems. These complexes, as the concern says, “are able to defend military and civilian objects from precision destruction means, promptly receive intelligence information on the evolving situation and mislead the enemy by influence on its information communications, went to places of service directly from the Gromov exposure”.

Chief of Staff: world continues exporting radicalism and chaos

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Zones of instability in the contemporary world are actively multiplying; radicalism and chaos export is continued, said Tuesday head of the Russian General Staff, Army General Valery Gerasimov.

According to him, the modern military-political situation demands new approaches to international stability and development of the Armed Forces, and training of military personnel is an important link in this process.

Marines of Serbia and Belarus arrived at exercise “Slavic brotherhood”

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Serbian and Belarusian paratroopers arrived at the site of the international exercise “Slavic brotherhood” and started airborne trainings and exercises, said Tuesday spokesperson of the Defense Ministry press service on the Airborne Forces, Major Irina Kruglova.

The international exercise “Slavic brotherhood” with the participation of Russian, Belarusian and Serbian paratroopers will be held for the first time at the Rajewski site located near Novorossiysk from 2 to 5 September.

“A company of paratroopers from Serbia came to the place of exercise and received Russian equipment, communication means and weapons. The Serb military have passed airborne trainings and have already made their first jump from the Mi-8 helicopter using the Russian parachute system D-10”, – Kruglova said.

Russian helicopter pilots conducted exercises in the Arctic

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Army Aviation helicopters conducted exercises for search and destruction of saboteurs in the Arctic, said CMD spokesperson, Colonel Jaroslav Rostchupkin.

“Helicopters of the Central Military District Army Aviation during the exercise for the search and destruction of subversive groups of the conditional enemy worked out a missile strike and landing of tactical airborne assault on the Taimyr Peninsula”, – he said.