Russian Navy: Project 11356 frigates to be able to perform tasks in Mediterranean Sea

армия 3

Escort ships (frigates) of Project 11356 will be able to effectively perform the tasks as part of a permanent group of the Naval Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea, head of the shipbuilding department of the Navy, Captain First Rank Vladimir Tryapichnikov said on Wednesday.

The ceremony of launching the third production Project 11356 ship “Admiral Makarov” which is being built in the interests of the Russian Navy, took place on September 2, 2015 at the Kaliningrad shipyard “Yantar”. It is planned that the first two ships of the series – “Admiral Grigorovich” and “Admiral Essen” – will be transferred to the Navy after the completion of all stages of factory and state tests.

Tryapichnikov added that, if necessary, ships of the “admiral series” can also perform anti-piracy activities and ensure the safety of civilian shipping in remote areas of the oceans, such as the Gulf of Aden and along the coast of the Horn of Africa.


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