Russian Navy: Project 11356 frigates to be able to perform tasks in Mediterranean Sea

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Escort ships (frigates) of Project 11356 will be able to effectively perform the tasks as part of a permanent group of the Naval Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea, head of the shipbuilding department of the Navy, Captain First Rank Vladimir Tryapichnikov said on Wednesday.

The ceremony of launching the third production Project 11356 ship “Admiral Makarov” which is being built in the interests of the Russian Navy, took place on September 2, 2015 at the Kaliningrad shipyard “Yantar”. It is planned that the first two ships of the series – “Admiral Grigorovich” and “Admiral Essen” – will be transferred to the Navy after the completion of all stages of factory and state tests.

Tryapichnikov added that, if necessary, ships of the “admiral series” can also perform anti-piracy activities and ensure the safety of civilian shipping in remote areas of the oceans, such as the Gulf of Aden and along the coast of the Horn of Africa.


Russian Navy aviation to receive 30 aircraft by year’s end

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Russian naval aviation will receive 25 new and 5 upgraded aircraft by the end of the year, Defense Minister, Army General Sergei Shoigu said on Monday.

Shoigu pointed out that the Russian naval aviation is on duty in all parts of the world ocean, takes an active part in the fight against piracy, as well as in search and rescue operations.

“Anti-submarine aircraft make regular flights to the sea and ocean areas, ensuring the security of Russia in the underwater environment,” – the Minister said.

Russian Aerospace Forces to receive more than 250 aircraft and helicopters this year

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The Aerospace Forces expect to receive more than 250 aircraft and helicopters in 2015, Commander of the Aerospace Forces, Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev told reporters on Wednesday.

“We expect to get more than 250 aircraft and helicopters this year. And there’s no doubt that we will receive these aircraft from the industry,” – said the commander at the MAKS-2015.

According to him, “there is even the possibility of outstripping supplies instead of 2016” on some aircraft models.

New regiment of naval aviation to get ten naval MiG-29Ks

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By the end of this year, Russian Aircraft Corporation “MiG” will deliver the final batch of 10 naval MiG-29K\KUB aircraft to the Russian naval aviation, thereby a new fighter regiment of the Northern Fleet will be completely formed, said publication “Vzlet” referring to the chief of naval aviation, Major General Igor Kozhin.

The contract on the delivery of 24 MiGs (20 single-pilot MiG-29Ks and four two-seater MiG-29KUBs) was signed by the Defense Ministry and RAC “MiG” in 2012.

Kozhin noted that the first flights of combatant pilots from board the heavy aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” would begin soon.

Tecmash: new MLRS “Uragan-1M” enters service in Russia

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The new multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) “Uragan-1M” of a 220 mm caliber is entering service in Russia; its features are full automation and ability to use interchangeable packets of ammunition, First Deputy Director General of “Tecmash” concern (included in “Rostec”) Vladimir Tikhonov told RIA Novosti on Friday.

The system is being developed by the Tula-located enterprise NPO “Splav” (included in “Tehmash”).

“The MLRS “Uragan-1M” is entering service in Russia. State tests have been successfully completed. This is a modernization of well-established multiple rocket launchers “Uragan” of the previous generation. The main essence of modernization is the use of interchangeable packages, that is, the system will be bi-caliber, it will be able to use ammunition of a larger caliber”, – said Tikhonov.

More than 30 armored vehicles “Tigr” entered CMD brigade

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More than 30 special application armored vehicles “Tigr” entered service of the mountain brigade of the Central Military District, the CMD press service reported on Tuesday.

“The mountain motorized rifle brigade of the Central Military District (CMD) received more than 30 units of special purpose armored vehicles” Tigr-M SpN”, – a statement said.

It is reported that currently the servicemen of the mountain brigade are practicing driving the vehicles, and in September they will perform a series of combat training missions at the CMD training ground.

According to the press service, these vehicles are designed for reconnaissance, escort and guard of columns, patrol and fire support of units.

Commander of Land Forces: production tests of “Armata” to be completed in 2016

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The new generation tank on the “Armata” platform is expected to complete production tests in 2016, Commander of Land Forces, Colonel General Oleg Salyukov told reporters on Friday.

“The “Armata” will undergo production tests, then the decision will be taken on military trials, and then it will be decided whether it will go on service. Production tests will be completed in 2016″, – he said.

In 2020, the Russian Land Forces plan to renew the fleet of armored vehicles by 70%, and the batch purchase of modern samples will begin in 2016.

New generation armor-piercing ammunition developed for Russian Navy

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Russia’s largest designer and manufacturer of small-caliber ammunition for the Armed Forces, NPO “Pribor”, developed new 30-mm armor-piercing ammunition for the air defense systems of the Russian Navy ships, Chief Designer of “Pribor” Oleg Chizhevsky told RIA Novosti on Thursday.

According to him, the system of air and anti-missile defense of the nearest boundaries of most Navy ships is based on 30-mm six-barrel machine guns. These complexes will also be equipped with new generation ammunition with plastic pull units adopted about five years ago.

Application of cartridges with ammunition fitted with plastic pull units enhances performance of air systems by increasing barrel life and efficient use of ammo.

Russian Air Forces to get about 150 units of modern equipment until year’s end

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The Russian Air Forces will receive about 150 units of modern aircraft until the end of this year, said spokesperson of the Defense Ministry press and information service on the Air Forces, Colonel Igor Klimov.

According to Klimov, currently the formations and units of the Air Forces are getting the latest and modernized models of aircraft, including the multi-functional aviation complexes of operational and tactical aviation Su-35S, Su-30SM, Su-34, of army aviation Mi-28N and Ka-52, MiG-31BM fighter interceptors, Su-25SM3 attack aircraft, Mi-35M attack helicopters, Yak-130 combat training aircraft.

Frigate for Black Sea Fleet to be launched without motor to meet schedule and complete vessel by 2020

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The fourth frigate of Project 11356, the “Admiral Butakov”, will be launched without a power plant in order to avoid delays in the construction of the ship and to deliver it in time – by 2020, the press service of the United Shipbuilding Corporation told RIA Novosti.

In total, it was planned to build six frigates of Project 11356 for the Black Sea Fleet. It was reported earlier that the construction of the second batch of three frigates had been put off because Ukraine refused to supply gas-turbine power plants for the ships.

“Today, the “Yantar” shipyard in cooperation with the Northern Design Bureau is working on the technical possibility of launching the ship without loading a gas-turbine power plant, which may allow to launch the frigate and continue construction without delays. By 2020, the “Admiral Butakov” will be transferred to the fleet,” – the press service said.